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In an effort to reduce our carbon emmision's and become a greener company, Centregreat are investing in Eco Hybrid Technology with a range of Eco Hybrid vehicles. The first to be purchased is our all new Eco Hybrid Canter.

The Eco Hybrid Canter is yet another milestone in the 20-year history of hybrid development. It is quoted to be the ideal product for use in the private and public sector, to put your fleet on a more economical footing while making a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

A three year fleet test has shown that, in urban traffic in particular, the Canter Eco Hybrid makes it extremely easy to save fuel and costs. On every trip.

The powerful hybrid drive featuring energy recovery and a start/stop system as standard makes it possible for the Canter Eco Hybrid to achieve fuel savings of up to 23% – a reduction which also results in lower CO2 emissions.

DUONIC, the world’s first dual-clutch automated transmission for trucks, enables efficient, smooth shifting with no interruption in tractive power.

The Canter Eco Hybrid is still a genuine Canter, it impresses with its high payload and a turning circle that is ideally suited to the demands of urban use. What’s more, it offers an excellent standard of ride comfort.

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