Social Value

Supporting the community:

At Centregreat, our unwavering dedication to community enrichment is at the core of everything we do. We believe in making a tangible, lasting difference in the places we serve, not just through financial means like sponsorships and donations, but also by diving into the heart of community activities. Our team is eager to take on hands-on projects, from organizing food collection drives for local food banks to building outdoor kitchens that serve as vibrant communal gathering spots.

Our commitment to positive change extends beyond small acts of kindness; it's about fostering significant, sustainable improvements within the community. A testament to this commitment is our recent collaboration with Help Bristol’s Homeless. In this project, we went beyond mere financial assistance; we supplied both the materials and the manpower to electrically equip 10 new housing units. This initiative was not just about construction; it was a crucial step toward providing a new start for 10 individuals facing homelessness in Bristol. Thanks to our concerted efforts, these individuals were able to move into warm, safe housing before the winter set in.

This project highlights our broader mission: to not only contribute to the communities where we operate but to actively participate in creating solutions that address their most pressing needs. Through initiatives like these, we're not just leaving a legacy of support; we're building stronger, more resilient communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


Education / Inspiring the younger generations

Centregreat is deeply dedicated to fostering educational growth and providing enriching learning opportunities for the younger generation. Our efforts span a broad spectrum, reaching children in primary schools to young adults in universities. Under the guidance of our Social Value Manager, Angharad Rosser, we collaborate closely with local schools to ensure the opportunities we offer not only enrich the students' education but also complement the school curriculum effectively.

At the heart of our educational outreach are our trained STEM ambassadors, who are passionate about sharing their industry experiences with the community. These ambassadors venture into schools and educational forums to showcase the exciting possibilities within the STEM fields, aiming to ignite a spark of interest and encourage active participation among students. Their stories and experiences are a beacon for the younger generation, inspiring them to explore and potentially pursue careers in these dynamic sectors.

Our partnership with the Cardiff Commitments team underscores our commitment to educational engagement. Together, we've launched a variety of activities designed to stimulate young minds and provide practical learning experiences. Notable among these initiatives is the "Shape my Street Scheme," a STEM workshop that challenges students to think critically and creatively about urban planning and development. Moreover, in collaboration with the Cardiff Youth Service, we've extended hands-on opportunities to aspiring young individuals, allowing them to step onto real construction sites. Here, they experience firsthand the intricacies of bricklaying and other construction skills, offering a tangible taste of what a career in the industry entails.

The feedback from these events has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the significance of such initiatives in broadening the horizons of today's youth. By providing these unique learning experiences, we aim to give young individuals a clearer understanding of the diverse employment opportunities awaiting them in the future. These efforts are more than just educational outreach; they are investments in the potential of the next generation, ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to pursue fulfilling careers and contribute meaningfully to their communities.






What distinguishes Centregreat and sets us apart as a standout company is undoubtedly the exceptional individuals who make up our team. As a family-owned and operated business, we cherish and nurture our employees with the same care and commitment we'd extend to our own family members. This familial ethos is at the core of our operations, creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that has been instrumental in our significant growth and success over recent years.

Recognising the vital role of fresh talent in driving our future growth, we are committed to attracting and nurturing the younger generation. We believe in empowering the next wave of industry professionals through comprehensive apprenticeship programs across various fields, including electrical engineering, groundworks, civil engineering, quantity surveying, and design. These apprenticeships are designed not only to provide hands-on, practical learning experiences but also to pave the way for meaningful careers within the industry.

Our collaboration with the Network 75 scheme stands as a testament to our dedication to fostering talent. Through this partnership, we've had the privilege of working with highly skilled apprentices whose contributions have significantly benefited our business. Furthermore, our strong connections with local colleges and universities enable us to source and develop exceptional talent, ensuring a bright and innovative future for both our apprentices and our company.

If you're passionate about building a career in an industry that shapes the world around us and are interested in exploring the opportunities Centregreat and our sister companies can offer, we would love to hear from you. For more information about our apprenticeship programs and how you can become part of our growing family, please reach out to Mike Duffy at Mike.Duffy@centregreat.net. Join us in our mission to create a lasting impact on communities and industries alike, fueled by dedication, innovation, and the unique spirit of our Centregreat family.



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