Capabilities & services

Centregreat Engineering has a wealth of experience across a number of activities:

  • Grit Blasting & surface preparation
  • Steel fabrication
  • Priming & painting
  • Bridge deck fabrication
  • Strengthening & repair
  • Scaffolding design & installation

Refurbishment & regeneration of listed structures

We have a team of engineers who specialise in the strengthening and regeneration of listed structures. With a vast knowledge of working on listed structures over road, rail and water, our expertise is often called upon by clients to advise on subjects such as the extent and practicality of strengthening to maintain and extend the life of a structure.

Refurbishment & strengthening of existing structures

Our team also specialises in the strengthening and refurbishment of existing bridge and marine infrastructure. Again, we have significant experience working on more recent infrastructure installations and often work with our clients and their clients to ensure the right final solution for any given structure.

Piers, jetties and slipways

Marine infrastructure is often in need of refurbishment and strengthening of existing or supply and installation of new structures. We have worked on a number of piers over the years including Paignton, Devon and the Grand Pier, Weston-Super-Mare and more recently Clevedon, Bristol.

Centregreat has also supplied and installed new slipways for the RNLI at both Tenby and Angle for the new Tamar Lifeboat.

Water Control Structures

Our specialist team also work on the manufacture and installation of water control structures including but not limited to; Sector, Mitre, Radial and Vertical Lift Gates.