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Welcome to the Centregreat Rail

Centregreat M&E forms part of the wider Centregreat Rail business, however our services are not limited to the rail environment. We provide mechanical and electrical services to the wider built environment, delivering a fully integrated electrical and mechanical package through a team that have in this area.

Our highly-motivated, exceptionally trained and experienced team ensures a smooth project delivery process from planning through delivery and handover. Our focus on a combination of safety and genuine commitment to a cost-effective and high-quality service, ensures our success on your behalf.

We recognise that our clients have different priorities so we are guided by their requirements; functional, operational, environmental and budgetary. We are supplier agnostic which allows us to review and choose the best available technology depending on the specifications and budget.

At Centregreat, we believe early contractor engagement enables highly successful outcomes; we therefore take a collaborative and innovative approach where various design concepts may be evaluated at an early stage to establish the best approach.